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Like any rampaging teenager, this act just doesn't seem to want to comply. Few songs are beyond the boys' ability to cover. The repertoire is deliberately diverse and covers the best songs from each decade since the 60's right up to the most current Top 40 hits. Spank N the Monkey specializes in getting a crowd involved and dancing. They have a range of sets to suit any age group, event or venue, from sophisticated laid-back material to pumping dance-oriented rock. Muzz Roach is a gifted vocalist and an entertainer in every sense of the word and he knows what it takes to get the crowd involved. Ross Flynn is a master of the classic rock riff and a virtuoso of the guitar solo and to top it off, the boy can sing. If you are expecting a quiet duo who will sit in the background and won't disturb your quiet conversation you've just booked the wrong band. Spank N the Monkey are the duo you get when you want a full blown five piece band but can't afford the price. These boys will engage with your crowd and get them singing along, dancing and clapping for more of their favourite tunes.

Sample Of Artists Covered

  • Bruno Mars

  • Ben Harper

  • Queen

  • Bob Jovi

  • Mark Ronson

  • ACDC

  • Doobie Brothers

  • Go West

  • Nirvana

  • Rage Against the Machine

  • Robbie Williams

  • Boz Scaggs

  • Bryan Adams

  • George Michael

  • The Eagles

  • Oasis

  • Jamiriquai

  • Keith Urban

  • Don Henly

  • Dragon

  • Screaming Jets

  • Cold Chisel

  • The Eagles

  • Gary Moore

  • Greenday

  • John Mellencamp

  • Lou Gramm

  • Pink Floyd

  • Wild Cherry

  • Stevie Wonder

  • Johnny Diesel

  • Stevie Wright

  • The Angels

  • Kings of Leon

  • The Beatles

  • Nik Kershaw

  • Pseudo Echo

  • Black Keys

  • The Doors

  • The Knack

  • Darryl Braithwaite

  • The Police

  • Van Morrison

  • The Romantics

  • Toto

  • U2

  • Underworld

  • Van Halen

  • Violent Femmes

  • Wild Cherry

  • ZZ Top

  • And Many More...


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Spotlight Events Spank n The Monkey

SAT 29/06/2019 DOYALSON RSL 9.00PM
SAT 06/07/2019 SWANSEA RSL CLUB 7.30PM
FRI 19/07/2019 THE BRADFORD 8.00PM